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Become a member owner of our exclusive martial arts association and gain access to a wealth of information, training videos, and business expertise. Our community is made up of passionate martial artists who want to help you grow and succeed in your practice and business. Join now to take advantage of our exclusive resources and connect with fellow members who share your passion.


UMKS is not a franchise. We firmly believe in preserving the uniqueness and individuality of each member's dojang. Therefore, we do not dictate the naming of your school, and we do not impose any restrictions on how you run your business. There is no franchise agreement to complete. We respect your autonomy as an owner and want to support you in every way possible.


The primary purpose of UMKS is to provide services and support to our member owners, empowering them to focus on the quality of their martial art training and teaching. Our aim is to help you develop both your business and yourself. We believe in fostering a community and family environment where everyone can strive to be their best and grow together, connected through our shared love for martial arts.

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What do you get for joining
(basic membership)

1. *License and access to Mirae Kuk Sool Curriculum:* As a member of UMKS, you will have access to the Mirae Kuk Sool curriculum, allowing you to teach this traditional martial art in your dojang.


2. *Group training for school owners:* You will have the opportunity to participate in group training sessions, either online or in person. These sessions will be held a minimum of six times per year, and there will be a fee of USD $40 per person or GBP £30. These are not compulsory but an addition to your training.


3. *Online and/or in-person workshops:* UMKS offers workshops conducted by experienced CSJKJN or UMKS-appointed instructors. These workshops are available for instructors and/or students at an additional fee.


4. *Marketing materials:* UMKS will provide marketing materials for UMKS, LLC events. These materials can be utilized to promote your dojang and its affiliation with UMKS.


5. *Black belt certification:* UMKS will certify black belt candidates and provide Black Belt Certificates, Belts, and Uniforms at an additional testing fee.

How to join United Mirae Kuk Sool

1. *Complete the application:* Fill out the the short form provided below and submit it to UMKS. This will initiate the membership process and we will then contact you and send you an official application form if you would like to move forward.


2. *Background check requirement:* Depending on the laws of your country and/or state of residence, there may be a background check requirement. Ensure that you comply with any necessary regulations.


3. *Meet (virtually) with a UMKS master:* Once your application is reviewed and approved, you will have the opportunity to meet with a UMKS master. This meeting will cover important details such as uniforms, paperwork, curriculum, and any other specific requirements.

Please note that UMKS's primary purpose is to provide services and support to member owners, without exercising any control over their businesses. We encourage the development and individuality of each member's dojang while fostering a sense of community and growth within the martial arts domain.


If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you throughout the enrollment process.

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