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Our Mission

At United Mirae Kuk Sool, our mission is to promote and teach traditional Korean martial arts to the next generation, leading the way to inspire all martial artists around the world.

We strive to develop our school members into the best Masters and instructors they can be, so that their students can become skilled martial artists while emphasizing the importance of discipline, respect, and humility. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals to learn and grow both physically and mentally, and to ensure that all UMKS schools around the world share this same goal.


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Master Sun Jin Su Founder United Mirae Kuk Sool.jpeg

Master Sung Jin Su has dedicated his entire life to studying, developing & teaching martial arts.

For Master Su Martial Arts is a way of life, a philosophy & of course a self-defense. Master Su was the highest- ranking master in Kuk Sool Won but has now founded United Mirae Kuk Sool to ensure the growth, honesty & excellence in traditional Korean martial arts.

His ultimate goal is to teach this martial art not only to Kuk Sool students, but all martial artists keen to develop their spiritual & physical well-being.

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