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Please join me in welcoming BSBN Shazad Khan and Shaz Martial Arts into the UMKS Family. Shaz Martial Arts is located in Edinburg, Scotland. BSBN Shazad’s favorite thing about Kuk Sool is that it is a comprehensive martial art. He started training in martial arts when he was a teenager shortly after learning about Bruce Lee from his father. He tried various styles of martial arts and ended up practicing Muay Thai as a youth. School demands and family priorities led to him stopping his martial art training for a bit. In 2009, he was ready to resume his martial art training and found Kuk Sool. While practicing Kuk Sool, he met CSJKJN Sungjin Su in a seminar. He has great respect for CSJKJN Sungjin Su. BSBN Shazad found a new motivation. With the guidance of CSJKJN Sungjin Su, he expanded his Kuk Sool learning. CSJKJN Sungjin Su believed in BSBN Shazad as a martial artist and as an instructor. Other Masters that had a positive influence on BSBN Shazad’s Kuk Sool experience are GGKJN John Edmiston and TBKJN Craig Hill, both of whom also own UMKS schools in Scotland. BSBN Shazad has competed in countless martial arts tournament and is excited to offer this same experience to his students.

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